Learn how to clean stains from carpets and rugs

It has certainly happened to you at least once in your life, inadvertently, to drop a liquid that stained your carpet and although you tried to remove the dirt, you did not succeed. Obviously, you could have resorted to a professional carpet cleaner, but your budget did not always allow you, especially if you frequently spill various things on the carpet. Frequent use of chemical-based cleaning solutions is not the perfect solution for your carpet. What to do then? Always resort to carpet cleaning services or:

First of all, you should always be careful with your carpets and rugs. However, if you have some stains that are difficult to remove from the carpet, we will present below some tips to get rid of them in a timely manner. There are many home solutions available that can get you out of such a situation without emptying your pockets and without being harmful to you or your furniture.

Precious tips, available to anyone, to remove various stains from the carpet

Below, we will present you some methods of cleaning stains on carpets, which you can make at home, using only ingredients and objects at hand. Now, you can have a clean carpet with these homemade recipes that can clean a multitude of stains.

Coffee or tea stains are excellently removed using beer or white vinegar with water. It is only necessary to rub the stain lightly a few times with these liquids and the result will be pleasantly surprising.

Red wine stains disappear miraculously from your carpet if you apply on the stain a solution composed of a cup of ammonia diluted in 2 litters of warm water. If the wine is still freshly poured on the carpet, you can soften it with white wine, then immediately rub the stain with cold water in which you put a teaspoon of salt. After a few minutes you can vacuum the carpet.

The stains left by fruit or fruit juice are removed wonderfully with the help of a clean sponge on which you’ve applied the shaving cream from the bathroom, rubbing lightly until the stain disappears. Another option is a solution made of a tablespoon of laundry detergent and a tablespoon and a half of white vinegar, both diluted in two cups of water. Apply the prepared solution on the stain and it will disappear.

Ink stains can be successfully removed from the carpet by using a mixture of milk and corn starch. This mixture should be left on the stain for a few hours to dry, and then all you have to do is vacuum the carpet and enjoy the removal of your stain.

Greasy or oily stains are some of the most difficult stains to remove, even for a professional carpet cleaner. Fortunately, however, there are solutions for such spots. A successful solution is to combine a tablespoon of salt with four tablespoons of alcohol and rub the stain hard until it disappears. Applying corn starch on the stain for a few hours and then vacuuming the area is another solution to remove grease from the carpet. Borax is also excellent for getting rid of oily stains. First wet the carpet, then sprinkle a small amount of borax and let it dry. After drying, the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly, and the result will be a clean carpet, without stains!

Blood stains can be cleaned excellently from the carpet by applying cold water directly to the affected area, which must then be pressed with a meat tenderizer for maximum effects.

Chewing gum can be removed from the carpet with an ice cube, which has the effect of hardening it, so that it can then be removed with the blade of a knife.

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The following ingredients can also be used to clean and sanitize your carpet: toothpaste, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda can also be used to remove odours from the carpet, giving it a new and refreshing look.

Before applying these handmade solutions on the carpet, it is good to try them on a small and less visible part of it, to make sure that it does not damage the texture of the carpet more than the stain. Every carpet is different, so while one solution can help solve your problems, another could damage it or even destroy it. It is preferable to use professional carpet cleaning services to clean the carpet without problems, thus excluding the possibility of damaging the carpet or rugs.

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